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Click them to see what they do. You can copy them to your bookmarks and get their functionality at any time without leaving the web-page you are on!

Share This Page!

Share This Page!

Or, Any Page!
A lot of pages on the internet don't have a Facebook "Like", Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or other social button. Others are hard to find and they all seem different or in different places. This great tool solves that problem.

Copy it to your bookmark bar or a bookmark directory. When you find something you want to share, click it, and let the fun begin!
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Barcode This Page!

Barcode This Page!

Actually... Barcode Any Page! Sample QR Barcode
QR Barcode! Support Page

Having been frustrated several times, after finding web sites and not having an easy way to get the links to my phone or in my email without having to type long URLs, I decided to build a no install app that would transfer the URL to my phone via the smart phone bar code readers. Here it is!

Click the above "Barcode This Page!" link for live demo. If you like it, drag it up to your browser favourite bar or bookmark it. Once bookmarked, you can be on any other page, click the bookmark and you get the Barcode right at the top right of the page! Scan it into your phone or tablet, or save it. It is awesome.

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Weather App

Weather It

Install Weather App
Weather It! Support Page

Description: Temperature, Humidity, Wind speed, Radar, Weather Alerts, Forecasts, Time Zone, Address Lookup - all without leaving the comfort of the web page you are on!

Click the above "Weather It" link for live demo, then drag it up to your browser favourite bar. Once there, you can be on any other page, click the bookmark and you see the weather in the top right of that page!

Weather It! Support Page
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Financial Tool - Company Lookup, Stock Information and currency conversion - over 130 currencies!

Stock Quotes!

Public Company Lookup, stock information and Currency Converter

Free tool that resides on, and is responsively designed for use on your mobile/phone browsers or as a bookmark or a bookmarklet on your regular browser. I hope it helps you with your research on companies and stocks!
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* Anyone looking for the video site, I temporarily moved it to Something fun and exciting will be done with it in the future!

A few years ago, I developed a fascination with bookmarklets - small javascript applications that you run from a bookmarked link. In time, I have gotten pretty good at making them. Many are in a private library, but some are good enough to share. That is why I built this page. I hope you find these gadget useful. Check back often, I have a lot more that I am developing, and I will release new versions as I improve them.

- Thanks!

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